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Welcome to MaxoBiz – one of the best graphic design agencies available on the web. We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill graphic design – the type you see everywhere – we’re talking about something special, something unique and something you would be proud to show your customers.

Back in 2005, Maxobiz started as a small graphic design company with only one goal; to help businesses and organizations maximize through graphics. Since 2009, we’ve been doing that internationally and have helped countless clients; clients which come back time and time again.

Making sure that your graphics are something special requires more than just great designs – it requires a team with experience and who know how to communicate professionally with clients. As a design agency with over ten years of experience, MaxoBiz have perfected the art of making sure our clients are happy from beginning to end.

Behind every great MaxoBiz project is a design studio team of 24, including graphic designers, Customer Care & Project Management Staff and Web Developers. Each and every member of this team is dedicated to making sure that your designs are exactly what you’re expecting.

From your first point of contact, our customer care team will guide you through the process; finding out what your needs are and how best we can help make your graphic design dreams a reality. If you are not happy with any designs we provide, we always refund 100% of your money.

Whether you need help designing social Media campaigns, putting together print media material, want to develop a new Logo, or need to make sure your website is the best that it can be, MaxoBiz can help. Visit our portfolio section to see some examples of work which we have done in the past. We’re sure you’ll be confident that we can help you to Maximize your business.

So, get in touch, relax for a while and before you know it, you’ll find your organisation sporting a new style; a style which maximizes: maximizes your business.

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Afficher de la publicité, Publicité extérieure, Bannière publicitaire, Brochures, Corporate design, Design packaging, Billboard publicité, Imprimer la publicité, Screen design, Prospectus, Web design

CMS/logiciel de boutique S/sCMS-/Shop-Software

Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Typo3, Magento
Custom CMS

Technologie web

HTML/xHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, Perl, PHP, Python, MySQL, MS SQL, Access, Webframeworks (jQuery, CakePHP etc.)

 Logo-Design für vegane Ernährungsberatung


Really cool design and excellent service :)
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17.01.2022 18:16:19

 Logo-Design für Aerial und Pole Trainerin


Amazing work. I am more than happy. Maxobiz implemented all my ideas into a perfect logo. Thanks for your work and effort!
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03.12.2021 11:13:54

 Logo-Design für Lebens- und Paarberatung


Perfekt Job! GREAT!!!
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10.11.2021 15:54:32

 Verpackungen für elektronische Entspannungsgeräte


You did a great job!!! Thank you very much and thank you for your patience as well. It was great working with you. Many Greetings from Germany :-))) Aylin
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07.09.2021 14:11:54

 Logo-Design mit Verbindung zum Jurastudium & Familienleben gesucht


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11.01.2021 09:47:49

 Superfood Südamerika


29.12.2020 21:02:38

 Logo-Design für AirBnB Experience


Team Maxobiz is a very good design team, who will fully meet your expectations and ideas. They will also inspire you with new ideas.
04.12.2020 15:16:39

 Logo-Design für kleine, familiengeführte Eisdiele im ländlichen Raum


Sehr kooperativer Designer. Schnelle Erledigung und kompetente Erledigung.
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29.10.2020 19:45:21

 Logo-Design für selbstständige Buchhalterin


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17.10.2020 14:42:43

 Lukratives Logodesign für große Arztpraxis


17.04.2020 10:35:30

 Hochwertiges und einprägsames Logo für Romanserie gesucht

Marius Auenberg

Amazing design, quick adjustments just as I wanted, always friendly and very obliging. They surpassed my expectations.
24.03.2020 21:16:01

 Logo-Design for the European-wide campaign “Save Polesia”


The communication with Maxobiz was perfect as well as the adjustments of the designs according to our comments. However, in one of the previous logos, they used a graphic element which they did not design by themselves.
30.10.2019 09:39:52

 Logo-Design für E-Matching Plattform/Marketplace


Top, reaktiv und direkt auf Kommentar eingegangen und erste Version entsprechend nach Wunsch überarbeitet.
29.08.2019 21:42:33

 Logo ontwerp voor ambulante gezinsbegeleiding


Great to work with...
Thanks for the nice logo.
19.06.2019 21:39:34

 Logo-Design für Eventwanderungen


12.06.2019 08:36:00